Rima Cemerkiene

About Barber

Rima is an artist who is best able to express her brilliance in hairdressing. She is a seasoned cosmetologist with more than 20 years of practical work experience under her belt. With the support of her family, she decided to pursue a career of hairstyling as a young adult. Starting off in the vicinity of her local neighborhood, her clientele slowly evolved from a few male patrons to mass clients both native and foreign.

Having this knowledge at her disposal, she is adept at staying ahead of hair styling trends for the young and the old. Whether it’s beard trimming or shaving, and clipper or scissor cuts, Rima is a master of all. Clients who enter the shop need only briefly consult with Rima on growth patterns and face shape before she will pair you with a style that suits you. Besides being an expert at her craft, she is known as cheerful and bubbly by a long list of customers. Nothing makes her more excited than to head to the office each day, and she loves that no day is ever the same. The workplace banter, clients, and atmosphere is a second home to her.

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