Oksana Maikova

About Barber

A professional with over 20 years of experience, Oksana has broken haircutting down to a science. As a child, she was constantly ogling the pages of fashion magazines. This early introduction sparked a desire to learn more. Her practice in the field has reaped a strong cosmetology resume where she has developed a sharp eye for detail. She is motivated by the challenge of cutting men’s hair because of the diversity in trends and styles.

Oksana believes that a true barber is one who can cut all types of hair, and every customer who sits at her chair can testify that she is a true barber. No salon instrument is beyond her capability and the advice she gives on hairstyling is of high value to fashion conscious customers. Oksana agrees that her pursuit is to learn more and her hard work ethic is the channel that moves her forward. She is a veteran hairdresser who also knows how to share a laugh. Clients who visit her chair do so because they know they’re in friendly company and good hands. She enjoys getting to know her clients and the rapport they form is often long lasting.

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